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Script Variable Summary

accessnametypeCan ReadCan InitCan WriteDefault Valuedescription

Treats the input stream as JSON.

Treats the input stream as JSON. JSON arrays are converted into RecordSet obejcts.


Parses the input stream line by line.

Parses the input stream line by line. The result is a RecodSet that contains a Record for each line of input. Records contain just one field named "line" that contains the line.


Collection of common stream parsers.


Treats the input stream as XML.

Treats the input stream as XML. - every XML element transforms to a Record - there is only one Record in the root RecordSet (corresponding to the root XML element) - each attribute of an XML element transofrms to a field in its XML element Record - Records have, besides regular XML attributes, these special fields (their names begin with a dot): - ".name": name of the XML element, never null - ".text": inner text of the element, if any (text must be non-empty after trimming), may be null - ".namespace": namespace of the element, may be null - ".elements": child elements as RecordSet, may be null


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